Find Their Feet is a personalised journey into the future world of work.

Created for High School students and their families, this is not your typical careers event or expo —
using current interests, strengths and skills as a starting point and one-on-one discussions with future-focussed employers as a guide, students will leave #FindTheirFeet feeling inspired and confident with a much clearer idea of where they’re headed and how to get there.

Self Reflection

On arrival, students start by reflecting on their own unique interests, strengths and skills. With a bit of help from their parent/carer and our friendly team, they select an ‘avatar’ or persona which best represents who they are — it might be a Behind the scenes organiser always running events for friends and family or a Teacher in waiting who loves coaching younger kids.

Finding Your Place in the Future World of Work

In the main event space, students walk through an immersive cityscape representing the future world of work. It’s divided into six distinct zones, each corresponding with a future employment growth area:

  1. People Services (Health care and Social Assistance)
  2. Food (Retail, Markets, etc.);
  3. Construction;
  4. Life Long Learning (Education & Training);
  5. Tech / Bio Tech (Professional, scientific and technical services); and
  6. The New Manufacturing (Trades and Manufacturing).

In this informal setting, students and their parents engage in one-on-one conversations with future focussed industry experts  using their chosen ‘avatar’ as a conversation starter.

Next Steps

You won’t leave #FindTheirFeet with a showbag full of brochures — instead, students take away a little bit of the wisdom and enthusiasm of the people they’ve been speaking to.

Reflecting on what they’ve discovered, students place their ‘avatar’ in the zone that most interests them. As well as helping clarify where students are headed, #FindTheirFeet provides valuable information and advice about the all-important next steps.

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Good Company

Building on the success of #FindTheirFeet in past years, we’re on the lookout for more passionate project partners and sponsors this year. If you’re an employer thinking about getting involved and sharing your experience or an organisation interested in sponsoring or supporting our work please contact our team.